Military Leave

Procedure: Military Leave

Purpose: Provides up to 120 hours (15 days) of paid leave for employees called to active duty or for military training.*

*Employees called to Active Military Duty who will be in a leave without pay status should provide their department with a military Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) as soon as possible. Pursuant to Executive Order 44 (2003), State employees called to active duty military service in the Armed Forces of the United States and on LWOP-military are eligible to receive Active Military Supplement pay if their gross military salary plus allowances is less than their University base salary. The employee will receive payment of the difference. The department should send the LES to UHR – Leave Center to determine if Active Military Supplemental pay is due.

Eligibility: Full and part-time (20 – 40 hours per week) salaried Classified and University Staff

Important: Employees should contact a UHR – Benefits Counselor if they are called to active duty or for military training exceeding 15 or more days. Both are extended absences that will involve leave without pay.

Requesting Leave:

Employee’s responsibility:

  • Inform supervisor according to departmental procedures to request leave (as far in advance as possible)
  • Provide supervisor with military orders

Supervisor’s/Department’s responsibility:

  • Approve the use of Military Leave
  • Provide copies of military orders to the department timekeeper for department’s record and to UHR Leave Center
  • Have employee, timekeeper, supervisor, or designated representative enter leave on on-line timecard by selecting leave type – Military Active Duty
  • Indicate on the timecard in the “Comments” section that “military orders were sent to UHR”
  • Make corrections by submitting a paper timesheet to the UHR Leave Center

UHR’s responsibility:

  • Provide information and counseling regarding Military Leave to employee and department
  • Verify and ensure the appropriateness of the military orders
  • If employee is in a leave without pay status determine if Active Military Supplemental pay is due
  • Ensure that time and leave are appropriately entered
  • Ensure that the employee receives the appropriate Active Military Supplemental pay