Leave to Donate Bone Marrow or Organs

Leave to Donate Bone Marrow or Organs (BMOD Leave) provides paid leave that is medically necessary for the donation of bone marrow or an organ and recuperation for up to 30 days in any leave year.


  • Non-probationary full-time (30–40 hours per week) salaried Classified and University Staff


  • Employees on disciplinary suspension
  • Employees funded by sponsored program grants and contracts as defined in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance are not eligible as written contracts with the University do not provide financial responsibility for this benefit

Employees wishing to use BMOD Leave are strongly encouraged to make contact with the UHR Leave Division to discuss the use of this leave and its impact on other leaves (Family and Medical Leave, Virginia Sickness and Disability Program, and Worker’s Compensation).

Requesting Leave

Depending on your role, you will have certain responsibilities regarding BMOD Leave:


  • Inform supervisor of request for BMOD Leave (as far in advance as possible and according to department procedure)
  • Provide medical certification to support the use and expected duration of the leave
  • Enter leave on online timecard by selecting leave type: BMOD Leave
  • Notify supervisor/department of any changes in the duration of the leave
  • Request extension of leave if medically necessary and contact the UHR Leave Division to discuss appropriate leave(s) to cover the extension


  • Approve the use of BMOD Leave
  • Provide copies of the medical certification to the department timekeeper for department’s record and to the UHR Leave Division
  • Have employee, timekeeper, supervisor, or designated representative enter leave on online timecard by selecting leave type: BMOD Leave
  • Make corrections by submitting a paper timesheet to the UHR Leave Division

UVA Human Resources

  • Provide information and counseling regarding BMOD Leave to employee and department
  • Verify and ensure the appropriateness of medical documentation
  • Ensure that time and leave are entered appropriately