Emergency Disaster Leave

Emergency Disaster Leave provides up to 80 hours of paid leave for employees to perform emergency services during times of a state and/or national disaster.

It also permits paid leave for employees who are victims of a state and/or national disaster.

It only provides leave; there is no pay for expenses related to providing emergency service, such as travel, food, or lodging, or for expenses incurred by the employee in recovering from the personal effects of a disaster.


  • Part- and full-time (20–40 hours per week) salaried Classified and University Staff

To provide emergency services

To qualify, the following must occur:

  • Declaration of a major disaster by the President, Governor of Virginia, or other State Governor
  • Public officials at the disaster have requested the employee’s assistance
  • Employee possesses the required specialized skills or training

Victims of a disaster

To qualify, the following must occur:

  • Declaration of a State of Emergency of federal disaster status
  • Employee’s residence is in the official disaster area
  • Formal documentation from recognized disaster relief organizations or insurance agency that rendered the employee’s residence temporarily or permanently uninhabitable

Requesting Leave

Depending on your role, you will have certain responsibilities regarding Emergency Disaster Leave:


  • Inform supervisor of requested leave (according to departmental procedures)
  • Provide supervisor and UHR Leave Center with written verification from the organization requesting the emergency services
  • Provide supervisor and UHR Leave Center with documentation from a disaster relief organization or insurance company regarding evacuation of employee’s home due to declared emergency


  • Provide written approval of requested leave to employee and UHR Leave Center
  • Have employee, timekeeper, supervisor, or designated representative enter leave on online timecard by selecting leave type: Emergency Disaster Leave
  • Indicate on the timecard in the comments section that “all written documentation was sent to UHR”
  • Make corrections by submitting a paper timesheet to the UHR Leave Center

UVA Human Resources

  • Provide information and counseling regarding Emergency Disaster Leave to employee and department
  • Confirm the declaration of the disaster
  • Verify and ensure the appropriateness of all supporting documentation
  • Ensure that time and leave are entered appropriately