Compensatory Leave

Compensatory Leave provides employees with paid leave as compensation for working beyond their normal scheduled hours but not working more than 40 hours in a work week. This is different than Overtime Leave, which is for working more than 40 hours.

Example: A full-time (40 hrs./week) employee worked 10 hours on Monday, eight hours each day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and used eight hours of University leave on Friday. The employee worked a total of 34 hours, but would be due two hours of compensatory leave after factoring in the eight hours of University leave taken.

Comp Leave is earned on an hour-for-hour basis, and it expires 12 months from the date it was earned.


  • Part- and full-time (20–40 hours per week) salaried Non-Exempt Classified and University Staff

Requesting Leave

Depending on your role, you will have certain responsibilities regarding Compensatory Leave:


  • Notify supervisor of request to use Comp Leave (as far in advance as possible and according to departmental procedure)
  • Be aware of use-or-lose dates for Comp Leave
  • Work additional hours only as directed by supervisor
  • Inform supervisor of any change of plans that affects the leave request


  • Approve the request of Comp Leave used
  • Assign and approve additional hours worked beyond the employee’s normal work schedule
  • Have employee, timekeeper, supervisor, or department representative enter all additional hours actually worked beyond the employee’s normal work schedule on the online timecard
    • The online self-service time and leave system will automatically provide straight-time pay or comp earned based on the employee’s earning policy (department’s HRMS Specialist updates the employee’s earnings policy)
  • Have employee, timekeeper, supervisor, or designated representative enter leave used on the online timecard by selecting leave type: Comp Leave
  • Make corrections by submitting a paper timesheet to the UHR Leave Center

UVA Human Resources

  • Provide information and counseling regarding Comp Leave to the employee and department
  • Ensure that time and leave are entered appropriately