Civil and Work Related Leave

Civil and Work-Related Leave provides paid leave for employees for the following situations:

  • administrative summons
  • use of career services
  • use of the Employee Assistance Program
  • grievance process
  • serving on State Council, Commission, Board, or Committee
  • naturalization ceremony
  • subpoena for witness or victim
  • to accompany your minor child to court
  • unemployment compensation or workers’ compensation
  • interview with UVA or another state agency
  • jury duty/to appear in court
  • emergency disaster leave


  • Part- and full-time (20–40 hours per week) salaried Classified and University Staff


Certain uses of Civil and Work-Related Leave require documentation.

UHR Leave Center requires documentation when you

  • serve jury duty (as required by a summons)
  • appear as a crime victim or as a witness in a court proceeding or deposition (as compelled by a subpoena or summons)
  • accompany your minor child when the child is legally required to appear in court
  • serve as an officer of election
  • attend your own naturalization ceremony

Supervisors/departments require documentation when you

  • interview for other positions at the University and/or other State agencies
  • participate in resolution of work-related conflicts or of complains of employment discrimination
  • attend work-related administrative hearings as a party or witness
  • serve as a member of a state council or board
  • attend career counseling at UHR

Requesting Leave

Depending on your role, you will have certain responsibilities regarding Civil and Work-Related Leave:


  • Inform supervisor according to departmental procedures to request leave (as far in advance as possible)
  • Provide supervisor with written documentation
  • Inform supervisor of any change of plans that affects the leave request
  • If employees elect to use Civil and Work-Related Leave to serve as an officer of election, they must reimburse Payroll once they receive the check for services rendered from the voting precinct; if they use their annual, comp, family personal or other applicable leave, then they may keep the check
  • If employees need to attend a training session they may also use Civil and Work-Related Leave – Officer of Election if this training session is not offered outside of their normal work schedule


  • Approve the requested Civil and Work-Related Leave
  • Provide written documentation to UHR Leave Center as required
  • Have employee, timekeeper, supervisor, or designated representative enter leave on the online timecard by selecting leave type: Civil and Work-Related Leave
  • If the absence is related to jury duty or officer of election, enter leave on the online timecard by selecting leave types Jury Duty or Officer of Election and update the comments section on the timecard
  • Indicate on the timecard in the comments section the reason for the absence and if documentation was sent to UHR
  • Make corrections by submitting a paper timesheet to UHR Leave Center

UVA Human Resources

  • Provide information and counseling regarding Civil and Work-Related Leave to the employee and department
  • Verify supporting documentation and ensure absence is covered by Civil and Work-Related Leave
  • Determine if compensation/reimbursement for jury duty and officer of election should be retained by employee
  • Ensure that time and leave are entered appropriately