Unemployment Compensation

Any former employee has the right to file for unemployment compensation benefits at any Virginia Employment Commission or any employment commission office in his/her state of residence upon separation from University employment. Entitlement to benefits is determined by the officers of the Virginia Employment Commission based on information received from the University and the former University employee.

Should either employer or former employee disagree with the Commission’s determination, an appeal may be timely filed and a hearing held at the Virginia Employment Commission office where the claim originated. The hearing process affords each party the opportunity to present additional evidence and testimony. A written decision is mailed to all parties within two weeks after the hearing. Weekly benefit amounts are based on the former employee’s earnings of the two highest quarters during the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters. The maximum benefit amount changes each year. All claim forms received from the Virginia Employment Commission by departments must be promptly forwarded to the University Human Resources for completion. This office is responsible for administering routine separation information and presenting the University’s position in disputed claims before the Employment Commission.

Department representatives may be required to testify in hearings on behalf of the University.

Departments and employees are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the Unemployment Compensation Administrator at 924-4430.