Use of Effective Dates


The University’s Compensation Policy regarding effective dates is established to ensure that all employees receive equitable and fair treatment when they receive a pay increase.


This policy is applicable to salaried full-time and part-time classified, University Staff, restricted, “at-will,” and wage employees.

Effective Dates

The Commonwealth’s Department of Human Resource Management Policies and Procedures Manual, policy number 3.05, outlines the various pay increases available to classified employees under the new Statewide Compensation Plan. University Staff have these same pay increases available to them. Employees will receive such increases on a prospective basis as determined by the UHR Compensation Management and the UHR Staffing Divisions. No retroactive pay increases will be approved for classified staff except those authorized by the Governor and General Assembly or the state’s Department of Human Resource Management. No retroactive pay increases will be approved for University Staff except those authorized by the University of Virginia Chief Human Resources Officer. This includes pay actions resulting from:

  • Promotions
  • Role Changes
  • In-Band Adjustments
  • Temporary Pay
  • Competitive Salary Offers
  • Recognition Awards
  • Exceptional Recruitment and Retention Incentives, and
  • Non-Routine Salary Actions

Authority and Interpretation

  • This policy is issued by University Human Resources pursuant to the authority granted by the Commonwealth’s Compensation Plan.
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for official interpretation of this policy.