Universal Availability Notice

UVA (the Plan Sponsor) provides the opportunity to save for retirement through the UVA Supplemental 403(b) Plan. Your employer would like you to know more about how you can participate.


All UVA employees who receive compensation reportable on an IRS W-2 form are eligible, as long as they contribute at least $200 per year.

Please take a moment to review the 403(b) program before enrolling.

How to Enroll

  • You may enroll as soon as you are hired.
  • Contact Fidelity and TIAA, the two approved financial services companies, about plan investment options and services. They offer a wide range of mutual fund investment options and annuity products through their own funds and other investment managers in the industry, as well as resources and tools to help participants plan their investment strategy.
  • Once you are enrolled, you can review and change your contribution and investment allocation amounts at any time.
  • The exact date your investment allocations will take effect may vary depending on the policies of the financial service firm providing the investment options you chose for plan contributions.

Decisions About Contributions

You may choose to defer a portion of your compensation on a pre-tax or post-tax (Roth) basis.

  • Pre-tax contributions: Both federal and state income taxes are deferred on any contributions and earnings until a distribution is made from the plan. Distributions are taxed as ordinary income for federal and state income tax purposes. Generally, you must begin receiving a distribution no later than April 1 following the year you reach age 70½ or retire (whichever is later).

  • Post-tax (Roth) contributions: Interest and earnings on these contributions when withdrawn are generally tax-free. If you retire or terminate employment, you can withdraw earnings tax-free as long as it has been five tax years since the first Roth 403(b) contribution and you are at least 59½ years old.

The law limits the amount you may defer.

  • For 2018, the limit under all plans of this type is generally $18,500 (larger limits may apply if you are age 50 or over).
  • Each participant only gets one limit for contributions to all 403(b) plans, so if you are also a participant in another employer’s 403(b) plan, your combined contributions to that plan and to the UVA plan in 2018 are generally limited to $18,500.
    • If you do participate in more than one 403(b) plan, you are responsible for tracking and reporting the amount of all of your contributions to all plans so that the total amount does not exceed the limit.
    • The sum of all of your and your employers’ contributions to your 403(b) plan(s) are generally limited to $55,000 or 100% of your compensation in 2018 (whichever is less).



  • Contact University Human Resources at 434.982.0123 to enroll, change the amount of your deferral, or ask questions.
  • Fidelity: 800.343.0860
  • TIAA: 800.842.2252