Student Information System (SIS) Toolkits

Use the linked SIS toolkits below to:

  • determine what system access an employee needs to do his or her job and what responsibility(s) to request
  • find information about training

To get started, select the toolkit below that aligns with the employee’s job duties.

Admission (AD)
The Admission module enables undergraduate and graduate admission users to view, add, update, and correct applicant and test score data, and work on suspended applicant and test score records. Users can also add, update, correct, and work on suspended prospect records.

Student Records (SR)
The Student Records module enables you to enter, track, and process academic information ranging from the Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes to student programs, plans, and subplans. Also use this toolkit for the UV SS Advisor Local Admin responsibility.

Academic Advisement (AA)
Part of the Student Records module, academic advisement includes the Academic Requirements (AR) Report, a report designed to assist currently enrolled students and their advisers in the advising process.

Departmental Aid (DA) and SAFM
Part of the Financial Aid module. University schools and departments enter financial aid that is awarded from sources over which individual departments have oversight and control. Information regarding these awards is communicated to Student Financial Services (SFS) so that aid may be disbursed to the student.

Financial Aid (FA)
The Financial Aid module enables you to enter awards through departmental awarding,provides access to departmental financial and reporting data, allows select users update access to Work Study information, allows you to view Financial Aid information provides access to departmental and financial reporting data.

Student Finance (SF)
The Student Finance module enables you to manage student receivables, billing, collections, and cashiering. This module provides convenient, effective access to students’ financial information required by staff and students.

Campus Community (CC)
The Campus Community module serves as the hub of the SIS, providing information that is shared across modules.

Part of the Campus Community module, SIS’ SEVIS Solution Visa Processing collects data, monitors changes, and reports student and exchange visitor changes for SEVIS.