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Types of Senior Professional Research Staff

Research Scientist

  • requires a doctoral or master’s degree and significant experience
  • perform assigned tasks on their own initiative
  • firm background in particular field
  • demonstrate ability to assume leadership of small groups and work without additional supervision once objectives are defined and methods of approach set

Senior Scientist

  • requires doctoral degree or equivalent in training or experience
  • have sufficient experience and background to organize small research groups including Research Assistants and Research Scientists
  • perform assigned tasks on their own with minimal direction
  • do not normally serve as co-Principal Investigators on research projects (some exceptions at discretion of appropriate dean or vice president)

Principal Scientist

Principal Scientists are not considered faculty and are not expected to provide formal guidance to students or to participate in the instructional program.

  • requires doctoral degree or equivalent (some rare exceptions)
  • demonstrate exceptional creative ability and are capable of conducting independent research
  • participate in research programs at the level of project supervisor or higher
  • may be co-Principal Investigator on a research project