Professional Research Staff

Petri Dish

Junior Professional Research Staff

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

Requires a doctoral degree. The postdoctoral appointment is temporary and conferred upon an individual who recently has been awarded a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate and who will be involved in full-time research or scholarship. The appointment is viewed as preparatory for a full-time academic or research career, is supervised by a senior scholar, and the appointee has the freedom, and is expected to, publish the results of his/her research or scholarship during the period of the appointment.

Senior Professional Research Staff

  • Research Scientist

Requires a doctoral degree or master’s degree with significant experience. Research Scientists are expected to perform assigned tasks on their own initiative. In addition to a firm background in the particular field, Research Scientists should demonstrate the ability to assume leadership of small groups and work without additional supervision once objectives are defined and methods of approach set.

  • Senior Scientist

Requires a doctoral degree or equivalent in training and/or experience. Senior Scientists are expected to have sufficient experience and background to organize small research groups including Research Assistants and Research Scientists. Senior Scientists are expected to perform assigned tasks on their own initiative with minimumal direction. Senior Scientists do not normally serve as co-Principal Investigators on research projects. However, if circumstances warrant this level of service, an appointment as co-Principal Investigator may be granted at the discretion of the appropriate dean or vice president.

  • Principal Scientist

Requires a doctoral degree or equivalent (in rare instances, exceptions may be granted). Admission to this classification is usually restricted to those employees who demonstrate exceptional creative ability and thus are capable of conducting independent research. Principal Scientists participate in research programs at the level of project supervisor or higher and may be named, if appropriate, as co-Principal Investigator on a research project. They are distinguished from Research Faculty in that they (1) are not expected to provide formal guidance to students or otherwise participate in the instructional program, and (2) are not considered members of the faculty.

See Professional Research Staff for more information.