Prescription Program

If you are enrolled in the UVA Health Plan (Choice, Value, or Basic Health), you also receive prescription drug coverage, managed by OptumRx. We are no longer using AetnaRx for prescription coverage.


  • OptumRx Member Services Department: 1.877.629.3123

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  • OptumRx will no longer cover vitamin D on health reform preventive drug lists, effective September 1, 2018. OptumRx will grandfather existing zero cost-share users for current coverage of vitamin D until Nov. 1, 2018. Please note that this will not affect coverage of prescription vitamin D for certain conditions at normal copay/coinsurance rates. The guidance for this change came from the Affordable Care Act preventive services updates.
  • The UVA Health Plan’s HealthyRx program will discontinue reduced member drug cost sharing on December 31, 2018. There are several opportunities for you to pursue low-cost options for prescription drugs in the absence of the HealthyRx program. Please call OptumRx Member Services Department at 1.877.629.3123. Click HERE for additional details.

UVA Pharmacy

You have the option to use the UVA Pharmacy; medication prices here are often less expensive for employees than at other pharmacies.

All specialty medications must be filled by UVA’s Specialty Pharmacy. If you had Basic Health and were covered by AetnaRx in 2017, you may have medications that were not designated as specialty drugs on your past plan that are considered specialty drugs by OptumRx.