Miscellaneous Benefits

Faculty and Employee Assistance Program

The University through FEAP offers employees and their families assessment, brief counseling, referral, and follow-up with common concerns at no cost to the employee. Please call FEAP at 434.243.2643 to speak with a counselor or visit their website.

Intramural-Recreational Sports Facilities

UVA employees with benefits, and UVa retirees, are eligible to purchase a membership which entitles the employee to use the University’s swimming pools, handball, tennis, squash, and racquetball courts, weight rooms, indoor track, boxing rooms, saunas, and several other athletic facilities. Full-time UVa employees who are benefit-eligible will receive a $50 subsidy towards the cost of an annual membership. Employees and UVa retirees may purchase a membership at the Intramural and Recreational Sports Office in the Aquatic and Fitness Center. For more information call 434.924.3791 or visit their website.

Occupational Health Services

Occupational health services are provided by UVA-WorkMed to prevent illness and injury among employees, promote good health practices, and treat a limited number of illnesses and injuries occurring on the job. For more information, please visit UVA-WorkMed.

UVA Employee Same Day Clinic

The Employee Same Day Clinic is available to University employees who have minor, acute illness such as influenza, dermatitis, GI upset, UTI, conjunctivitis, etc. The service, which is not intended to be a substitute for one’s Primary Care Provider, is available by appointment at 434.924.2013. There is no charge nor co-pay for this service. The Clinic is located in Employee Health, first floor, 1222 JPA.

Pre-tax Parking

Salaried employees who use payroll deduction to purchase parking permits from University Parking and Transportation services may do so on a pre-tax basis. The program is similar to the pre-tax deduction for health care premiums in that taxable pay is reduced and participants benefit by an increase in take-home or net pay.

Employees who participate in the pre-tax parking benefit will reduce the amount of pay subject to federal income, state income and FICA tax withholdings annually. An employee’s gross pay will not change but his or her net pay will increase due to the lesser amount of pay subject to tax withholding.

Savings Bonds and Treasury Securities

Any salaried Medical Center employee, full-time or part-time, may establish a payroll deduction to purchase U.S. Treasury Securities, including Savings Bonds, through TreasuryDirect. More information can be found at TreasuryDirect

Work-Related Travel Benefits

University Human Resources offers a work-related travel benefit for benefit-eligible UVa employees. Through its partnership with UVA-WorkMed, the University covers medications and immunizations required for work-related travel abroad. Coverage also includes a professional evaluation to help determine which medications and immunizations are needed for the travel.

This benefit is limited to benefit-eligible Academic employees. It does not include Medical Center employees (which includes GME trainees), wage (non-benefit) employees, or the vast majority of Semester at Sea faculty. If you are unsure whether you qualify, please call the HR Service Center at 434.982.0123.

To obtain payment through University Human Resources, eligible employees must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Request for Services Form.

  2. Obtain department approval (by obtaining signature on Request for Services Form).

  3. Fax completed form to UHR Service Team at 434.924.3194, prior to scheduling your Traveler’s Clinic appointment. UVa HR cannot fund the clinic charges if you fail to provide a completed authorization form prior to your appointment.

  4. Schedule an appointment with UVa Traveler’s Clinic at 434.982.1700.

  5. Present the completed form to Traveler’s Clinic at the time of the appointment and to the UVa Pharmacy to pick up required prescriptions.

To qualify for payment, employees must go to the UVa Traveler’s Clinic and UVa Pharmacy for appointments and/or prescriptions.

Billing questions should be directed to Jon Schuch at UVA-WorkMed at 434.982.3845.

For all other questions regarding this benefit, please call the HR Service Center at 434.982.0123.