Davis Vision

The optional vision program is a fully-insured, employee paid vision insurance program administered by Davis Vision and includes these benefits: eye examination, spectacle lenses, frames, and contact lenses. Contact lenses purchased from the Davis Vision Formulary at independent network provider offices include fitting and follow-up charges. Retail locations and optometrists affiliated with these locations do not offer the Davis Vision Formulary or the Davis Vision Eyeglass Collection options. This vision insurance plan is optional coverage and is not included as part of your health plan benefits. Those enrolled in the UVa Health Plan will continue to receive the Discount Vision Plan as part of their UVa Health Plan benefits. Participation in the UVa Health Plan is not necessary to enroll in the optional vision insurance offered by Davis Vision.

For more information about Davis Vision including their website please visit, Davis Vision website.

Check out Davis Vision’s Link to Cost Transparency in Eyewear!

Davis Vision Rates

Coverage Level Monthly Rate
Employee $6.29
Employee + Child(ren) $11.01
Employee + Spouse $11.33
Family $17.62

Extended Coverage Terminating employees and dependents who lose eligibility for coverage may have the option to extend continuous health care coverage through enrollment in Extended Coverage under the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). See COBRA Eligibility, Rates and Enrollment.

Enrollment must be completed online using:

Davis Vision Resources

Davis Vision Website - Davis Vision (click on ‘Member’, enter ‘Control Code’ 4680, and click on ‘Submit’)

Davis Vision Customer Service - 1.800.804.6115

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