Offboarding FAQ

Do all employees have to complete the offboarding checklist?
Yes, all salary and wage staff must complete the checklist before leaving the University. This also includes

  • temporary employees (the checklist is the department’s responsibility)
  • employees who had no system access or only worked for a short time (simply mark N/A for parts of the checklist that do not apply)
  • individuals going onto long-term disability
  • employees transferring to different departments

No offboarding checklist is needed for student employees or for temporary employees who are hired into the same position on a permanent basis with no break in employment.

What should I do with the checklist after it has been completed?
The finalized checklist must be signed by the employee and supervisor. If the employee is unavailable or unable to sign, the supervisor should complete the checklist and indicate the absence of the employee’s signature.

Once the employee has left the University, scan and upload the checklist to the Document Imaging System and call it Departmental Checklist.

The Knowledge Transfer Template does not apply for the employee. What should I do with it?
The employee should sign the template after marking N/A for Not Applicable.

How can I be sure that an employee’s access has been removed after leaving the University?
A termination date entered in Oracle HR (and if needed a termination of Instructor status in SIS) will update access controls of Oracle HR/Finance, the Document Imaging System (ImageNow) SharePoint, Jobs@, Lead@, and centrally managed email accounts. All access is ended based on information updates received from Oracle HR, and are done on a regular schedule after the termination date. Local department support partners (LSPs) can be contacted to verify end of access to local applications and servers, and any department leased server space through ITS.

What needs to be done to end access to central systems or email on an employee’s last day?
Access to central systems and email may be ended on the last day, if the circumstances of the termination require that systems access including email should be removed immediately. Contact for assistance.

What reports track terminated employees and individual terminated assignments?
The Discoverer reports that relate to terminated assignments are contained in the workbook named HR_Audit Reports-Group 1. Tab two, named *Terminate Employee*, will list all employees who have been terminated within an area. The tab titled *Terminate Assignment* will list all the individual assignments terminated for an employee with multiple assignments. The Discoverer reports below also give departments information on their current staff:

  • HR_Compensation Limited
  • HR_Employee Roster by Org
  • HR_Employees by Supervisor and Organization