Onboarding Resources

The first year of employment is crucial to reducing voluntary turnover and increasing organizational retention. Additionally, a consistent onboarding process for all roles within an organization helps ensure that new hires feel included and welcome on their teams.

We are working to provide managers and new hires alike with resources to support a strong start to each new employee’s career at UVA. Please review the New Hire Onboarding Process Roadmap to better understand our process.

New Hire Onboarding Process Roadmap

Onboarding Resources for Managers

Onboarding is an investment in employee retention and productivity, and managers play a critical role in planning and implementing the onboarding process for new employees. Often, employees feel a stronger connection to the organization and to their immediate teams when thoughtfully engaged. As a result, these employees are typically more successful contributors. The Onboarding Checklist for Managers serves as a guide to setting your new employee on a path for success. Adapt it to meet your school/unit/department’s unique needs, or use it in combination with existing school/unit/department onboarding checklists.

Onboarding Checklist for Managers

The New Hire Onboarding Partner Program at UVA helps new hires acclimate to the environment in their first few months and assists with building a personal connection to our environment and culture. Being a new hire can be tough. An “Onboarding Partner” can help answer questions that a new hire might have about the work environment, culture, resources, and other information that might be unknown when first joining an organization.

Onboarding Partner Program

Get to know more about your new hire and their interests using the recommended list of questions in the New Hire Interest Profile.

New Hire Interest Profile

Onboarding Resources for New Hires

Congratulations on your new position, and welcome to the University of Virginia. We are powered by the amazing people who come to work every day in the endless pursuit of innovation and excellence in world-class teaching, research, patient care, and public service. This checklist serves as a guide to set you on the path to success. Work with your manager on these checklist steps and on other onboarding steps he or she would like you to complete.

New Hire Checklist