By selecting the Optional Retirement Plan, you will have short- and long-term disability with The Standard Insurance Company.

  • If you are unable to return to work before short-term disability benefits are exhausted, your position will no longer be held open for you to return to work
  • If you are able to return to work at the University after the short-term disability benefits have expired, it must be through the competitive hiring process

Staff Short-Term Disability

This does not include faculty who chose to convert to University Staff.

  • Your salary in the ORP Short-Term Disability Plan will continue on a graded schedule that phases benefits over time
  • The intention is to ease the transition to long-term disability where the end income of the short-term disability is nearer to the income replacement level of the Long-Term Disability Plan
  • ORP disability plan benefit coverage waits for five business days before it begins
  • Incidental use of leave for short-term absences of fewer than five days, such as two sick days for the flu or one day off to care for a sick child, will be charged to the University Staff Leave Program balance

Plan Details

  • Eligiblity: Immediate
  • Waiting Period: Five days
  • 100% of Salary: 25 work days (200 hours)
  • 80% of Salary: Through the 180th calendar day of disability

Faculty Short-Term Disability

This includes faculty who chose to convert to University Staff.

  • Short-term disability is generally described as a type of sick leave for absences of more than five days, including maternity leave, for up to 180 calendar days
  • Current and future faculty employees (including those A&P faculty who convert to University Staff) will retain the 100% salary continuation for the approved leave period with no waiting period
  • Nine-month faculty will receive 180 calendar days of disability leave
    • They will receive pay for days they are out on short-term disability for which they would normally receive pay
    • Short-term disability days without pay still count toward the 180 short-term disability leave period

Plan Details

  • Eligiblity: Immediate
  • 100% of Salary: 180 calendar days
  • 80% of Salary: 0 days

Long-Term Disability

  • ORP participants who become totally disabled are eligible for income replacement benefits from The Standard Disability Benefit Plan (a link with details is in resources below)
  • Total disability is defined by The Standard as the “inability of the employee, by reason of sickness or bodily injury, to engage in any occupation for which the employee is reasonably fitted by education, training or experience”
  • Benefit begins at the end of the Standard Disability period and continues for the duration of disability, or until normal Social Security retirement age
  • Plan provides a monthly income benefit equal to 66.66%—offset by Social Security or workers’ compensation benefits—of the covered member’s monthly salary
  • Benefit cannot exceed $20,000 monthly
  • Plan includes annual three percent cost-of-living increment and continued contributions to the Optional Retirement Plan