Child Loses Eligibility

A child loses eligibility to remain on the Plan if they reach the maximum age allowed for their category of dependent children or if the employee loses permanent custody of an “other” child. Your child may continue coverage if they lose eligibility by purchasing coverage under COBRA (refer to the Continuation of Coverage/COBRA section for more information). You must notify the UHR Benefits Office within 60 days after your child no longer meets the eligibility requirements in order to be eligible to obtain COBRA continuation coverage.

If your child is not capable of self-support because of a physical or mental disability, you may be able to continue coverage for that child for as long as your own coverage continues. To qualify, your child’s disability must begin before the child reached the Plan’s age limit for coverage, the child has maintained continuous coverage under an employer-sponsored plan of the employee or the other natural/adoptive parent, and you have applied for extended coverage for the disabled child before the child reached the Plan’s age limit for coverage.

What You Need to Do

  • Submit a COBRA enrollment form and provide documentation verifying the qualifying event that resulted in the loss of eligibility such as a court document. Contact the HR Service Center at 434.982.0123.

Your dependent should review the COBRA information he or she will receive from Chard Snyder, the University’s COBRA Administrator, and enroll in coverage if he or she wishes within 60 days of receiving the material.