Benefits While on Leave

The information provided here is intended to be a quick reference regarding the policies and procedures for maintaining your benefits coverage as well as the length of time coverage may continue during your leave without pay.

Impact of Leave on Basic Benefits

Bills are generated for any premiums required to maintain your current coverages. Additional bills will be sent to you on a monthly basis. If you fail to remit timely payment, you will lose coverage. University employees should return the billing statement, along with the payment, to the University Human Resources Payroll Division at 914 Emmet Street. The first payment must be received and posted to your account within 45 days of the billing’s preparation date or coverage will be cancelled. Subsequent payments must be posted by the 30th day of the month indicated on each statement to prevent cancellation. If coverage is cancelled due to lack of payment, enrollment in the health plan cannot be requested until the next open enrollment period or the occurrence of a mid-year qualifying event.

Nine month pay faculty members who are returning form leave as of 5/25 are billed for coverage during the three summer months. The University will pay the employer cost for the summer if the faculty member returns from leave before summer begins (5/25) and will pay the employee cost only.

If you are within 60 days of the date you went on leave without pay, you can waive coverage or reduce your membership while on leave without pay. Please complete the waiver form included with your bill or go online to Benefits@ to waive or drop dependents within 60 days of going on leave without pay. All changes are effective the 1st of the month following receipt of the form at the Benefits Division. Employees who waived coverage or reduced membership within 60 days of going on leave may re-enroll in coverage within 60 days of their return from leave without pay by going online to Benefits@. All changes are effective the 1st of the month following receipt of the form at the Benefits Division.

If your coverage is cancelled because you miss your first payment, you have the option, according to federal law (COBRA), to extend continuous health coverage for as long as 18 months at your own expense. The enrollment form for COBRA coverage must be completed and returned to the Benefits Division at 914 Emmet Street within 60 days of going on leave without pay or receipt of this letter, whichever is later. Premiums are 102% of the cost for regular coverage and are required 45 days after the election of COBRA Extended Coverage.

Important note regarding Hoo’s Well wellness rewards: Only active employees that pay the health insurance premium from their paycheck are eligible to earn rewards. An employee must be actively working, receiving a paycheck from the University of Virginia, and enrolled as the subscriber in the UVa Health Plan. Because only active employees who are currently receiving a paycheck qualify for rewards, post-doctoral fellows and employees on leave without pay (LWOP) do not qualify to earn rewards.

If you have questions, would like to elect COBRA Extended Coverage or need more information regarding your benefits while on leave without pay, please call the HR Service Center at 434.982.0123.