Understanding the 1095-C Form

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires UVA to send a new tax document to employees detailing their health plan coverage. The University will send out this new form, the 1095-C, to employees who were full-time (30 or more hours/week) and part-time employees enrolled in the UVA Health Plan in calendar year 2017.

Why Do We Need It?

The ACA requires everyone to have medical coverage, or penalties are assessed when you file your taxes. This new form provides the IRS with data to enforce this regulation.

What should you do?

  • Look for it. If you don’t receive the 1095-C by mid-March, please contact the HR Service Team at AskHR@virginia.edu or call 434.982.0123.
  • Review it. Is it accurate? If not, contact the HR Service Team so your information can be updated for future reporting.
  • Save it. You don’t need this form to file your taxes, but you need to save it with your personal tax information.


When should I receive this form?
The form should arrive by March. It will be mailed to the address we have on file in payroll.

What if I don’t receive a form?
You can contact the Human Resources Service Team at 434.982.0123, or through AskHR@virginia.edu, to confirm your mailing address on file. The Service Center will mail you another form. Forms cannot be emailed.

Why isn’t the amount listed on the form what I pay for healthcare?
The dollar amount listed on the form is for UVA’s lowest cost health plan for single coverage. This will be the Basic Health Plan’s single coverage premium. It does not necessarily indicate what you pay. The ACA only requires us to list the health plan premium for the lowest single level of coverage as our affordable plan.

Why am I receiving this form if it is just for my records?
The ACA requires everyone to have health insurance. UVA is required to file a form with the IRS for all fulltime employees who were offered coverage and any part-time employees enrolled in coverage through the UVA Health Plan.

What if my spouse works here?
If your spouse is covered through your health plan elections, they will show as a dependent on your form. If they had their own coverage through the health plan, they will receive their own form for those months in which they were covered separately.

What if both employees work at UVA with family coverage, will they both get a form?
An employee will receive a form if they elected their own coverage at any time in 2017. Otherwise they will show up as a dependent on the form for the employee making the healthcare elections in 2017.

What if I started at UVA mid-year? Will I get a 1095-C form from UVA and my former employer?
Yes, if the other employer had 50 or more full-time employees.

Does this apply to Medicare-eligible retirees?
Retirees covered by the UVA Health Plan will receive a 1095-C form. Medicare-covered individuals will not receive a form.

What if I am using COBRA?
If you were actively employed at UVA, you will get a 1095-C whether enrolled in COBRA or not. If you were not actively employed in 2017, but were covered through COBRA, you will get a 1095-C for those months enrolled in coverage.

What if I need to get another copy of my form?
You can contact the Human Resources Service Team at 434.982.0123, or through AskHR@virginia.edu.