Integrated System Support

There are many resources available for users of the Integrated System including the following:

1. Integrated System HR-Finance User Group Community - Join the HR-Finance User Group community! This is the place for users of the Integrated System at UVa to find help and exchange ideas! Whether you are a new user or a subject matter expert (SME), this is a vibrant community where questions, answers, and discussions are welcomed and encouraged. To join the group:

  1. Go to “My Workspace” on UVa Collab. You will authenticate through NetBadge if you don’t already have an active NetBadge session open.
  2. Click “Membership” in the left column.
  3. Click “Joinable Sites” near the top.
  4. In the search box in the upper right, enter “HR-Finance” and click “Search”
  5. You’ll see HR-Finance User Group in the resulting Worksite list. Click “Join”

That’s it, five steps and you’re in!

2. ESHARP - For questions about requests that have been submitted through ESHARP, email

Visit ESHARP to login or to view Frequently Asked Questions, tips, or access online user guides.

3. Online Self-Help - Instructions for accessing and using the online help

  • Help topics are specific to UVa processes, procedures, and system customizations. They contain the most up-to-date information available.

  • Click on “Help” or “?” in the system and get a list of topics that are applicable within the window you have open. Use the search field and enter key words to narrow the list of available topics.

  • Once you find the topic, click “Do It!” to open the customized help. The help topic opens in a smaller window which gives step-by-step instructions to follow as you complete the work in the system.

4. System Toolkits -

Human Resources Tookits

Finance Toolkits

Each Integrated System module has its own toolkit page that includes information about access and training, specifically:

  • descriptions of each responsibility, conflicting responsibilities, additional responsibilities, and central or restricted responsibilities.

  • a link to ESHARP for requesting the responsibility.

  • information on the training required or recommended for each responsibility.

  • a link to the training schedule and a listing of instructor-led workshops and sessions.

  • links to printable training guides.

  • links to policies, IS home page, glossaries, etc.

  • links to central departments, business units, and the training team.

5. Training -

  • Online Training. If you have questions about how to perform particular tasks in the Integrated System, the best resource is the online training documentation. Online training is available for all departmental responsibilities. You can repeat all or part of the training at any time by accessing the training module in Employee Self-Service > Learner Home.

  • Learning Paths for responsibilities are in the Integrated System > Employee Self-Service > Learner Home. Subscribe to the Learning Path and enroll in all of the training courses needed to be approved for a responsibility.

  • Instructor-led sessions are offered on a quarterly basis to supplement the online training.

  • Monthly workshops offer targeted assistance and answers to questions you have about actual work and issues.