To enroll your new eligible spouse in the UVa Health, UVa Dental and Davis Vision Plans, you will need to submit an enrollment form online or in writing and provide a copy of your marriage certificate. In order for your spouse to be eligible for the UVa Health Plan, he/she must have no access to affordable health care coverage of minimum value through his/her employer. Your spouse can remain on the UVa Dental Plan and Davis Vision Plan.

If eligible, you must submit a request/application within the designated timeframe in order for them to be enrolled. To add your spouse, the request must be received within the same plan year as the date of the marriage.

You may not change your health care option at this time; you’ll need to wait until the next open enrollment period to do that.

How to enroll
  1. Submit a request within 60 days of the date of the marriage through Employee Benefits Self-Service for Academic employees or a written health plan application for Medical Center employees to enroll your eligible spouse.

  2. Provide a Copy of state-issued marriage certificate received after the date of the ceremony with recorded file date, and, if the marriage date is more than 90 days prior to the submitted enrollment request date, one form of Proof of Joint Ownership.

Proof of Joint Ownership: Examples of proof of joint ownership include: a copy of a mortgage statement, bank statement, utility bill, or a current rental or lease agreement including the signature page. Documents must show current mailing address, employee’s name and spouse’s name.

When Coverage Begins

Date employee submitted the request Coverage Effective Date
Request submitted within or after 60 days within same plan year First of the month following receipt of application or online request
Request submitted in new plan year Spouse cannot be added until the next open enrollment period

You can enroll yourself, as well as any eligible dependents not already covered on your health plan, on the UVa Health Plan and UVa Dental Plan. The coverage is effective the first of the month following receipt of the enrollment application online or in writing at the UHR Benefits Office as long as it is submitted within the same plan year as the date of the marriage.

Other Benefits to Consider

As a result of your marriage, you may also be able to make changes to some of your other benefits.

Other benefits to consider:

Contact the UHR Service Center at 434.982.0123 for additional information.