Employee Emergency Event Status FAQs

What does it mean to be designated?

If you are designated, you are considered a “first responder” to maintain or restore critical operations during emergency events. You are expected to come in to work unless your manager expressly notifies you otherwise. It is your manager’s responsibility to identify designated employees and communicate that status.

What does it mean to be non-designated?

If you are non-designated, you are expected to stay home during serious weather events, even if you are able to make it in to work, unless you manager expressly notifies you otherwise. Alternatively, you may be asked to telecommute or work from an alternate location.

Can you be both?
Depending on the nature of your work, you may be designated to come in to work during an emergency event. One frequently-cited example is student affairs. If there is a serious winter storm and classes are in session, some student affairs staff are designated and are expected to come to work. If there is a serious storm and we are on winter break, that same set of employees are not designated. This type of designation may also depend on the type of emergency.
While it is your manager’s responsibility to designate you, if you have ANY question whatsoever, you should ask your manager.

Do faculty and wage have designations?
Yes. All employees at the University can be designated or non-designated.

I am not designated, but I live close to the University and can drive in easily, even during a winter storm. Should I come to work?
No. The University appreciates your willingness to help! But it is not worth the risk. Acting with the best intentions can sometimes have the opposite effect. For example, if you have an accident on the way in, you redirect critical emergency services. If the parking lot at your building is not yet plowed, your need to park requires service in an area that could have waited until later. While you should always check with your supervisor, the safest and most helpful option if you are non-designated is for you to stay home.

In the new system I am not designated, but in the past my supervisor expected everyone to come in if we had an emergency. What should I do?
Clarify with your supervisor in advance of a true emergency, and follow his or her direction. If you have questions about whether you are properly designated, make an appointment with your supervisor to discuss your designation.

I am designated, but I don’t understand why. What should I do?
Check with your supervisor, and follow his or her direction. If you have questions about whether you are properly designated, make an appointment to discuss your designation.

I am designated and in the past we always received leave for the hours we worked in a weather event. Is that policy still in place?

Salaried employees will receive hour-for-hour comp time for time worked, as well as regular pay for those hours. Designated wage employees will receive regular pay as usual for those hours.

I am non-designated, and I want to know if I am eligible for leave or overtime if I come in anyway?

No. Non-designated staff are not eligible for premium pay or leave if they choose to come in during an emergency event.

I see my designation in Employee Self-Service in the Integrated System. How can I change it?

Employees cannot change their own designation. Managers can do it through Manager Self-Service in the Integrated System, or an HRMS specialist can do it through the Integrated System. It is important that the designations be kept up to date as employees change jobs or take on new responsibilities.

I am a manager/supervisor. How can I change my employee’s designation?

Follow the steps below to change an employee’s designation. The change is “real-time.”
1. Log into UVA Manager Self-Service in the Integrated System.
2. Click on Emergency Event Status.
3. Click on the Action button for the employee whose emergency event status you want to update.
4. Click on the Update button. (For employees who do not have a designation, click on the Add button.)
5. In the Emergency Event Status field, change “Non-Designated” to “Designated” (or from “Designated” to “Non-Designated” as appropriate.) You can enter an end date if the status change is temporary.
6. Click on the Apply button.
7. Click on the Next button.
8. Click on the Submit button.
9. Click on the Home button to return to the navigation screen.
10. Start with step 2 to change the status for another employee.

Is there a deadline for designating employees?

Individual schools or units may set a deadline so that they can ensure readiness as the winter season approaches. There is no system-mandated deadline. Designation can be changed as needed, but the employee/s must be informed.

I have over 300 employees in my unit! Do I have to go in and designate or non-designate each one?

All employees are pre-populated as non-designated. To change that to “designated” a manager or HRMS specialist must actively make the change.

Can I see everyone in my organization’s designation, perhaps in a report?
There is not currently a pre-defined report, although UHR hopes to develop one with the help of Integrated Systems Development and Support. In the meantime, HRMS specialists can use a view called “HR SI TYPE Emergency Event” that includes the information.